Contact: Craig Robinson, President // Email: [email protected]

For Immediate Release: September 13, 2021

Urbandale, Iowa — The Patriots Foundation today filed supplemental information (complaint, exhibits) with the IRS related to a prior complaint against Media Matters For America (MMFA) alleging systemic and deliberate violations of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) by illegally campaigning against Larry Elder in the California recall election. The Patriots Foundation is providing this supplemental information to the IRS to aid in any audit or examination of these troubling allegations committed by MMFA.

As outlined in the allegations contained in the supplemental filing, MMFA continues to engage in unrestrained and overt political campaign intervention activity, in violation of the IRC’s absolute prohibition on such activity by tax-exempt organizations operating under section 501(c)(3) of the IRC.

The IRS standard for what constitutes campaign intervention is purposefully broad so as to discourage an abuse of the tax code for partisan political ends. Each exhibit is an example of MMFA criticizing Elder’s fitness and qualification for office during the election and while referring to him as a candidate in the recall. These posts are all designed to generate opposition to a political candidacy,” said Craig Robinson, President of the Patriots Foundation.

“Tax laws meant to encourage charitable giving shouldn’t be abused by partisan organizations for political campaign purposes. Legally questionable organizations like Media Matters exert significant political influence and are giving legitimate charitable organizations a bad name by flaunting IRS rules meant to ensure that charities help people. The political staffers at MMFA, whose sole purpose is partisan politics, should not be treated the same as a soup kitchen. It’s time to end this farce. I strongly encourage the IRS to conduct a full audit immediately and, if the IRS determines they violated the law, to impose the maximum penalty.”

Shining light on the inner-workings of the federal government and our election process promotes accountability of elected, appointed, and employed government officials to the people they serve. The goal of the Patriots Foundation is to curb corruption and promote integrity not only within the walls of government and those in power, but also to ensure the credibility of our election process. The Patriots Foundation was founded in 2013 and is based in Urbandale, Iowa.

The Patriots Foundation is a 501(c)(3) committed to serving as a government watchdog, promoting open and transparent government by monitoring the activities of policymakers.